14 Amazing FitBit Charge 2 Straps 

by Michal Bauernfreund

Your FitBit Charge 2 is on your wrist every single day. It is your constant friend, so treat yourself to a new, cool, strap to renew your love of your favourite accessory. Check out these FitBit Charge 2 straps, and with so many options, you could even get a few and coordinate your FitBit with your outfit!

From rose gold to leather bands and sports straps for your FitBit Charge 2, there are so many straps out there. We’ve made it easy for you, and taken a look at some of the coolest ones available. You’re welcome!

Before you start, think about what you want from your FitBit Charge 2 bands. 

An everyday tracker – If you wear your FitBit Charge 2 simply to count your steps as you go around your everyday life, you may want something a bit smarter, and you are not restricted to breathable, sweat proof materials. Think about leather or metal straps, or more delicate bands that add personality to your wrist. You can think of these almost like another piece of jewellery…with a computer!

A sports tracker – If you regularly work out, especially if you’re a runner, you will need straps for FitBit Charge 2 that are breathable, sweat proof, and easy to clean. But that doesn’t mean you need to be boring. There are loads of breathable plastic and silicon straps available for you to choose from in multiple colours and patterns.

best fitbit charge 2 straps

Sports FitBit Charge 2 Straps

If you use your FitBitCharge 2 for runs and workouts, you will want to have a sports strap. These are some of our favourites:

1. Adepoy Sport Strap for FitBit Charge 2

AdePoy Replacement Sport Strap Band Compatible for Fitbit Charge 2, Adjustable Accessory Sport Wristband Small Large Women Men

These TPU FitBit Charge 2 straps with a twist design is a great compromise between style and sports practicality. The soft, breathable, and water resistant strap is perfect for high intensity workouts, and the easy to clean material means you can wipe the sweat off and keep it fresh. 

Adjust the strap to fit your wrist perfectly with a choice of two strap sizes (small and large), and a buckle fastening with several holes. The buckle also makes it easy to take on and off your wrist.

Personalise your FitBit with this strap, which comes in lots of great colours from standard black to rose gold, and two cool patterns. It’s easy to attach this strap to your FitBit, so you could even get a few different colours and switch them over to suit your mood.

This strap is a great like for like replacement of your original FitBit strap, and as it is available at low prices, it is an excellent choice overall.

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2. STAY Active Sports Straps for FitBit Charge 2

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Workout in style with these colour contrast, breathable straps. Made from TPU, these straps are soft, durable, and comfortable. The perforations in the strap are both a design feature and a practical necessity – they make the strap super breathable, so you can sweat away to your heart’s desire. These straps are sweat, rain, splash, and water resistant. After you finish working out, wipe your strap down with water or alcohol, and leave to dry.

This strap comes in two sizes (small and large), and adjusts to your wrist size by slotting the buckle into the perforation that fits you best. 

Fashion meets fitness, just pick your favourite colour combination and you’re all set.

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3. Kmasic Silicon Sports FitBit Charge 2 Band

Kmasic Compatible for Fitbit Charge 2 Strap, Soft Silicone Replacement Strap Adjustable Sport Bands Wristband Accessories for Fitbit Charge 2 fitness Smartwatch, Women Men, Small Large

If you want a simple, plain, sports strap, this is for you. Catch the eye with this strap in lake blue, wine red, or rose pink, or choose a classic black to keep it chill. Made from premium elastomer material, this strap is soft, flexible, and durable.

This strap has a unique fastener – a pin buckle and TPU ring to keep it from catching, or coming loose while you work out. The material is water resistant so you can wear it when sweating, swimming, or showering.

This band is available in two sizes, small and large, and adjustable to any size wrist.

This simple strap allows you to work out in style and move on to your next activity without a hitch. You’ll want to get more than one to match it to your everyday life.

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Metal FitBit Charge 2 Bands

Add some class to your FitBit with a metal strap. Perfect for matching your step tracker with your work suit.

4. AK Metal Mesh FitBit Charge 2 Straps

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These beautiful mesh straps will make your FitBit blend perfectly with every outfit. If you are looking for rose gold FitBit Charge 2 straps, then this is a great choice. Available in classy black, rose gold, champagne gold, and silver, and even a colourful version for a bit of fun, you will want to wear your FitBit everywhere you go.

The woven stainless steel strap is one continuous loop with a magnetic fastener, allowing it to sit just how you like it on your wrist. And why stop at one? This strap is easy to change, so you can get it in lots of colours to suit your mood.

The metal strap is an alternative for people who can’t wear plastic, and it can even be worn at the gym. The metal is cleanable, and the magnet is strong enough to keep it in place even when you are moving around.

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5. FINTIE Stainless Steel FitBit Charge 2 Straps

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Another classic stainless steel strap for your FitBit Charge 2, this classy links watch strap comes in black and silver, perfect for that business look. Eight removable links allow this band to fit any wrist from small to large, and for a loose or tight fit. The folding clasp keeps it safely on your wrist at all times.

Wear your FitBit Charge 2 with this strap and move effortlessly from the business day to the casual evening without missing a step.

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6. Aottom Butterfly Buckle Stainless Steel Straps for FitBit Charge 2

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Another great example of rose gold FitBit Charge 2 straps, this exquisitely patterned stainless steel metal band is a good compromise between a metal watch and the textured appearance of other materials. Available in black, silver, and rose gold, add a touch of luxury to your step tracker. This metal strap is breathable, and reduces allergies, but it is more of a every day strap than a sports strap.

Remove links from the strap in order to adjust it to fit your wrist. The butterfly clasp will hold tight, and stop your FitBit from falling off your hand.

This beautiful strap makes the perfect gift – to yourself of course.

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Leather FitBit Charge 2 Bands

For those of you who want your FitBit Charge 2 to look and feel just like your favourite watch.

7. Mornex Leather FitBit Charge 2 Strap

Mornex Strap Compatible Fitbit Charge 2 Band Leather Strap, Classic Adjustable Replacement Wristband Fitness Accessories With Metal Connectors

If you like a classic (or not so classic) leather strap, this strap is the finishing touch for your FitBit. Made from genuine leather, the strap is soft and comfortable. It comes in lots of different colours from traditional brown leather, to more unconventional choices in lemon yellow and mint green. Find a colour to suit your personality!

These FitBit Charge 2 straps come in just one size, but is suitable for wrists of all sizes (the holes adjust the strap to the entire range from small to large).

If you wear this strap for gentle exercise, leave it out to dry in a ventilated space after, but this strap is not recommended for high intensity workouts, and it is not waterproof for showering or swimming.

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8. Goosehill Replacement Leather FitBit Charge 2 Straps

Goosehill replacement Leather Strap Band compatible for Fitbit Charge 2, Adjustable Replacement Sport Straps compatible for Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband

If you enjoy the feel of genuine leather against your skin, these FitBit Charge 2 bands are for you. Combining the smartness of leather with bright colours and interesting patterns, there’s a style for every occasion. 

The one size strap is adjustable to fit all wrists from small to large, and the buckle fastening will hold tight to keep it in place. 

The leather strap can be worn for light exercise – just leave it in a ventilated place to dry afterwards, but if you use your for FitBit for running or more rigorous exercise, it’s recommended to use a different strap.

Dress up your FitBit Charge 2 with one (or more) of these great straps.

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9. SUNEVEN Adjustable Leather FitBit Charge 2 Band

for Fitbit Charge 2 Wrist Strap Leather Band, SUNEVEN Classic Adjustable Replacement Wristband for Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Accessories with Metal Connectors (Black)

This unique leather strap adds something different to your FitBit Charge 2. The twist style looks classy on your arm, and the range of colours allow you to pick the one that suits your personality.

The cick-on clasp will keep it on your wrist, but isn’t appropriate for vigorous exercise, so this watch strap is best reserved for your fashionable, non-active days.

Look good in this twist to classic leather.

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Cool and Funky Straps for FitBit Charge 2

Yes, all the bands here are in fact cool, but these straps offer something a bit special.

10. Libra Gemini Glitter Powder Strap for Women

for Fitbit Charge 2 Strap, Adjustable Replacement Sport Accessory glitter powder Wristband for Fitbit Charge 2 Strap for Women (gray)

Add some glitter to your FitBit Charge 2 bands with these super fun straps! Made from silicon, these straps are soft, comfy, and cute. The buckle on the strap lets you adjust the fit to any size from small through to large.

The silicon material is easily cleanable, so wear it when you sweat, but the material is not as breathable as many alternatives, so you may want to keep this strap for when you want to sparkle, not glow.

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11. Fit-Power Sport Straps for FitBit Charge 2

Fit-power Fitbit Charge 2 L Type 1 Adjustable Soft Sport Replacement Strap

Wow yourself (and everyone else) with these amazing FitBit Charge 2 straps. Available in lots of bright and colourful patterns, you can really let your watch match your personality. Choose the one that suits you best, or splash out and get more than one to switch to match your mood or outfit.

These straps are made from TPU and silicon materials, making them breathable and easy to clean, great for a workout. Available in small and large sizes, adjust the buckle to make them fit to your wrist.

All in all these straps are original, fun, and will make you the envy of everyone around you whether you are out and about getting your step count up, or working out in the gym.

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12. Ayeger Resin FitBit Charge 2 Bands

Ayeger Resin Band Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2/2 HR,Women Men Resin Accessory Rose Gold Buckle Band Wristband Strap Blacelet for Fitbit Charge 2/2 HR Smart Watch Fitness(Red)

This unique band is truly stunning and adds a smarter, more professional look to your tracker. Each and every piece on these straps is top quality resin, held together in links to make a flexible, adjustable band.

Links are removable to adjust it to fit for wrists between 5 inches and 7.67 inches, which is approximately a small to medium size. 

The resin band is washable, so you can wear it for exercise, and it is water resistant for sweating, showering, and swimming, but not for deep water activities, such as scuba diving.

Available in red or tortoise, this strap is for you if you want to look both professional and original at the same time.

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FitBit Charge 2 XL Bands

When you need an extra large band to wear your tracker round your ankle, or on a larger wrist.

13. TUSITA Band Extender for FitBit Charge 2

TUSITA [2-PACK] Extender Band For Ankle and Larger Size Wrists - Compatible with Fitbit Versa 1 2, Charge 1 2 3 4 5,Charge HR - TPE Extend Strap With Fastener Ring Bands Wristband Buckle Closure

Extend your FitBit Charge 2 straps with this simple black extender. Simply buckle it into the buckle on your strap, and off you go. The TPU material is breathable and secure, so you can wear this when running, confident that it will stay on. It’s easy to put on and remove, so you can make any buckle strap into FitBit Charge 2 XL bands.

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14. DDJOY Breathable Ankle Band for FitBit Charge 2

DDJOY Compatible Ankle Band for Fitbit Charge 2 Watch, Breathable Sport Loop Ankle Band for Men and Women (Black, Medium)

These FitBit Charge 2 XL bands can be worn on either your ankle or wrist, depending on your needs. The medium size band fits 9.5 inches to 13.5 inches, fitting an extra large wrist. 

The soft, breathable fabric is sweat proof and lightweight, making it perfect for all kinds of activity, from running, to jumping around in an exercise class. The hook and loop fastener, allows you to adjust the strap to the exact size you need, and the fabric only composition makes it great for people with sensitive skin.

This band gives you more options on how to wear your FitBit. It’s great if you prefer the accuracy of measuring the steps taken by your actual feet, you need to keep your wrists bare, or you need a larger size for your wrist.

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Make a collection!

All FitBit Charge 2 straps are easy to attach and remove, so you are not limited to just one, so you can coordinate your FitBit to your outfit, dress it up for a smarter occasion, brighten your day with a colourful strap, or keep it classy with rose gold FitBit Charge 2 bands.

Have fun!


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