15 Awesome FitBit Charge 3 Straps! 

by Michal Bauernfreund

You wear your faithful FitBit Charge 3 every single day, so maybe it’s time to give it an upgrade? What better way to jazz it up than with a brand new strap?

Whether you just need a change, or you are getting sores under the silicone band (yes, that’s a thing, you aren’t alone!) there are loads of FitBit Charge 3 accessories available to suit your style, personality, and even your outfits.

best fitbit charge 3 straps

We love this colourful strap by TenCloud!

The type of strap you need will depend on what your main purpose is for your FitBit Charge 3. If you use it to count your daily step total, and you mostly do gentle exercise such as walking, you don’t need to consider how sweat proof or water proof the strap is.

If you love watching your step count rise super quickly on those long long runs, measuring your calorie burn as you jump around in an HIIT class, or recording all those lengths of the pool, you will need to consider a waterproof strap, or one that will recover like new from being sweated on.

In fact most people simply have a collection of straps, to switch between different uses (and outfits). Whatever you’re after, we’ve got your covered. Below we’ve rounded up what we think are some of the coolest Fitbit Charge 3 straps on the market today (and there’s a lot of em!)

FitBit Charge 3 Sports Straps

Nothing beats these bands when you are running, swimming, and working up a sweat.

1. GEAK Classic Replacement Band for FitBit Charge 3

GEAK Strap Compatible for Fitbit Charge 3/Fitbit Charge 4, Adjustable Classic Replacement Wristband for Fitbit Charge 3/Fitbit Charge 4 Activity Tracker Women Men

This soft lightweight silicon strap is a great every day strap. It can stay on your wrist all day from when you get up until you get back into bed, and you can sleep through the night with it too. The soft, breathable, and water resistant strap is perfect for high intensity workouts, and the easy to clean material means you can wipe the sweat off and keep it fresh. This strap comes in two sizes (small and large), and the buckle fastener adjusts it to fit your wrist.

There are 12 great colours for you to choose from – anywhere from black to milk yellow. Choose one colour, or get a few so that you can change your strap as often as you change your outfit!

This sports band is a like-for-like replacement band for your FitBit Charge 3, so pick your colour and head out to track your steps!

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2. Vozehui Silicone FitBit Charge 3 Bands

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This 2-pack of protective FitBit Charge 3 wrist bands is perfect for the adventurers out there. Raised edges around the tracker keeps it safe from scratches. The soft silicon material will withstand your highest intensity exercise, just wash it off after to keep it fresh.

Each pack of FitBit Charge 3 bands contains one patterned and one solid colour strap, so you can alternate according to your outfit. The tracker simply slips in and out of the protective case making it super easy to change between straps, and clasps at either end of the tracker keep it safely in place no matter how hard you wear it.

Protect your FitBit Charge 3 on the move with this great strap.

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3. Oulucci FitBit Charge 3 Sports Straps

OULUCCI Compatible with Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 3 Special Edition Sport Strap, Silicone Sport Wristband for the Charge 3 - Available in 7 Colours (Black&Gray)

Be the most stylish person in the gym with this great looking band. The contrasting colours make it a fun accessory on your wrist whether you are sweating hard, or simply enjoying a post-workout drink.

There is more to this strap than that though. The hole design makes it super breathable, keeping your wrist comfortable as you sweat. The silicon material is flexible and lightweight, and the strap itself is slim, giving your wrist the freedom to move. The material is also waterproof so wipe it down and keep it fresh after a good sweat session.

The watch fits a medium to large size, and the many holes allow you to adjust the strap to your wrist size.

Choose from 7 great contrasting colours to dress up your FitBit Charge 3 and your wrist.

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4. IFREE Sport FitBit Charge 3 Bands

RIOROO Strap Compatible for Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 4 Strap, Silicone Replacement Wristband Breathable Holes for Women Men, Sport Watchbands Grey Orange(NO TRACKER)

Catch people’s eye in the gym for all the right reasons with these bright, colourful, sports bands. The soft silicon band is sweat, rain, splash, and water resistant. Enjoy wearing it for your every workout, no matter how sweaty. 

The holes in the strap both look good and add breathability, so you can feel comfortable as you sweat. After you finish working out, wipe it down with water, and leave to dry.

This strap comes in one size, fitting most wrists from small to a large. Adjust it to your wrist size by slotting the buckle into the perforation that fits you best. 

Fashion meets fitness, just pick your favourite colour combination and you’re all set.

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5. DDJOY Sport Loop Ankle Band

Compatible Ankle Band for Fitbit Charge 3/SE Fitness Tracker, Breathable Sport Loop Ankle Band for Men and Women (Medium, Black)

This band can be worn on your ankle, or it fits an extra large wrist. The medium size band fits 9.5 inches to 13.5 inches, fitting an extra large wrist. 

This band is made from soft, breathable fabric. It sits securely on your wrist or ankle, so you can enjoy your run or exercise class with the knowledge that it won’t move. Adjust the band to your size with the hook and loop fastener.

This band gives you more options on how you wear your FitBit Charge 3. It’s great if you prefer the accuracy of measuring the steps taken by your actual feet or if you prefer to keep your wrists bare.

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Stainless Steel FitBit Charge 3 Wrist Bands

If you’re looking for a wrist band that can move with you from the office to the gym, check out these great stainless steel choices. You’ll also want to check these out if you are looking for rose gold FitBit Charge 3 straps to match your rose gold device.

6. Chofit Stainless Steel Wristband for FitBit Charge 3

Chofit Metal Straps Compatible with Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 4 Strap, Replacement Bands Stainless Steel Wristband for Charge 4/Charge 3/ Charge 3 Special Edition Smart Watch Accessory (Black)

Add some class to your FitBit Charge 3 with this brush finish stainless steel strap. Choose from black, silver, or rose gold, and your FitBit Charge 3 will be an elegant addition to your business suit. 

The weather proof metal on this wristband both looks and feels great, whether you are exercising or just going about your daily routine. The metal strap is breathable, keeping you comfortable and rash-free. Wipe it down to keep it clean.

This strap is suitable for wrists of all sizes. Remove links to adjust it for smaller wrists, and the seller offers extra links if you need to make the watch bigger – simply contact them.

This strap is a smart, fashionable choice for your FitBit Charge 3.

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7. Amzpas Mesh Stainless Steel Strap

Amzpas Compatible with Fitbit Charge 3 Strap/Fitbit Charge 4 Strap, Adjustable Mesh Loop Stainless Steel Metal Strap Wristband with Unique Magnet Lock for Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 4(03 Black, L)

These beautiful mesh stainless steel straps add a touch of style to your step tracker. This strap looks good enough for you to wear to work, and is comfortable enough for you to wear when you are exercising. 

The magnet fastener is simple to use, and it takes seconds to adjust it to your size. The magnet holds strong so your FitBit will stay on your wrist. Wear this strap when running or walking, but it isn’t waterproof, so don’t wear it for swimming.

Choose from 12 different colours, including silver, space grey, or wine red, or get a few so you can switch it up according to your outfit, or your mood!

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Leather FitBit Charge 3 Straps

Transform your FitBit into the perfect business watch with these leather FitBit Charge 3 straps.

8. Adepoy Leather FitBit Charge 3 Straps

Adepoy Compatible for Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 4 Strap Leather,Classic Genuine Leather Adjustable Replacement Sport Fitness Wristband for Men Women

Make your FitBit Charge 3 feel like a real watch with this genuine leather strap. The soft leather is comfortable on your wrist, so much so that you’ll never want to take it off. The stitching detail adds style so you’ll enjoy wearing it on an evening out.

Wear this strap for work and as you walk around, but it is not suitable for long sweaty or wet periods. If you do wear it to work out, make sure to leave it in a ventilated place to dry. The holes in the strap allow you to adjust it to fit your wrist, and the buckle fastener will keep it secure as you go about your daily routine. Changing the straps is easy, so you can keep this strap back for special occasions.

All you need to do is choose from one of the 10 great colours from coffee brown to bright blue.

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9. TenCloud Slim Leather FitBit Charge 3 Straps

TenCloud Replacement Straps Compatible with Fitbit Charge 4/Charge 3 Strap, Slim Leather Flower Printing Wristband Bracelet Adjustable Band for Charge 4/Charge 3/Charge 3 SE Smartwatch (Red flower)

Combine leather and fashion with these beautifully designed straps! With a thin design, pretty prints, and bright colours these straps will brighten up any outfit as you go from work to an evening out. The buckle will keep your FitBit securely on your wrist, and choice of holes ensure that it fits comfortably.

The perfect way to snazz up your Fitbit Charge 3.

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10. Nigaee Genuine Leather Watchband for FitBit Charge 3

Nigaee Strap Compatible for Fitbit Charge 4/Charge 3, Adjustable Genuine Leather Strap Replacement Wristband for Women Men, Compatible for Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 4 Strap

Add class to your FitBit Charge 3 with one of these beautiful leather straps. The slim fit is flexible and comfortable on your wrist, so you will hardly notice it’s there – until you receive compliments that is. 

The genuine leather is soft, sweatproof, and durable, allowing you to wear it all day every day, and even for light workouts. The buckle and holes fastening adjusts this strap to fit most wrist sizes, and holds it in place, so you can keep moving without thinking about it.

With 10 different styles to choose from, there’s a strap here for everyone!

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Fabric Straps for FitBit Charge 3

Work, rest, and play with a woven nylon band for your FitBit Charge 3.

11. KIMILAR Woven Fabric Band for FitBit Charge 3

KIMILAR Bracelet Compatible with Fitbit Charge 4 / Charge 3 Replacement Woven Nylon Band, Lavender

This band is a great alternative to a silicon or plastic based band for people who exercise a lot. The nylon fabric is sweat proof and breathable, keeping your wrist ventilated and comfortable as you work out. However this strap is not waterproof, and will shrink if you leave it in water for too long! If you wear it for exercise, take it off to dry. 

The one size band is adjustable to almost any wrist size. The strap is easy to put on or take off the tracker, so you can switch it over when exercising.

Choose from one (or more) of the 15 fun choices on offer, and off you go.

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12. YooSide Nylon FitBit Charge 3 Wrist Bands

YOOSIDE Nylon Strap Compatible with Fitbit Charge 4 / Charge 3, Woven Nylon Band Strap Metal Stainless Steel Ring Adjustable Wristband for Fitbit Charge 3 (Black)

This rugged nylon band is the perfect accessory for your every adventure. Made from high quality nylon, it is tough, strong, and designed to last. Available in practical black and camo green, you’ll enjoy wearing it on your wrist during every activity. The nylon is breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable even as you sweat.

The metal buckle lets you adjust the strap to your wrist. This strap will fit larger wrists (approx. 6.3 inches to 8.3 inches). 

This strap will accompany you on your every move.

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Cool, Funky FitBit Charge 3 Wrist Bands

Wnat something more extravagant? Check out these FitBit Charge 3 accessories that really stand out.

13. BrilliStar Glitter Rose Gold FitBit Charge 3 Straps

No products found.

If you are looking for something special, then look no further. This rose gold stainless steel FitBit Charge 3 strap is both elegant and fashionable, and strong enough for you to wear all day, every day. The band itself is slim fitting, allowing you to move your wrist freely, and barely even notice it is there.

This strap is suitable for all wrist sizes from small to large. Adjust the size of the bracelet by removing links from the underside.

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself and turn your Charge 3 into this glittery bracelet, perfect for a night out.

No products found.

14. Wearlizer Handmade Leather FitBit Charge 3 Straps

Wearlizer Compatible with Fitbit Charge 4 / Charge 3 / Charge 4 Strap / Charge 3 SE for Women Men Leather Handmade Classic Replacement Band Accessories Stylish Wristbands Adjustable Size Bracelet Rose Gold

Spice up your FitBit with these unique leather bracelet bands. Each band is handmade, with a combination of leather straps and beads, to really stand out. Choose from rose gold, black, or patterned options to suit your style. The brading is around the tracker face, and the band itself  is slim for freedom of movement. These bands fit all wrist sizes, simply buckle it up into the hole that matches your wrist size. 

If you are looking for something that catches the eye, then look no further.

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15. FunBand Soft Silicone Sport Band for FitBit Charge 3

FunBand Compatible with Fitbit Charge 3/Charge 4 Strap Bands,Unique Elegant Floral Pattern Printed Soft Silicone Sport Adjustable Replacement Bracelet for Charge 3/Charge 4 Fitness Activity Wristband

Be the coolest kid in the gym or on the street with these amazing patterned bands. Whether you are out for a run, lifting weights, or simply hanging out with friends, any one of these straps will catch the eye. 

The soft, lightweight silicone strap is breathable and suitable for workouts. Simply wipe it down at the end of your workout, and leave it to dry. Be careful not to ruin the pattern with detergent or soap. This strap comes in 2 sizes, small and large, and the buckle adjusts to fit any wrist size.

Choose from 19 special patterns, and really show off your FitBit in style.

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Get Your New FitBit Charge 3 Bands Now

With so many great FitBit Charge 3 bands and accessories available, you are totally spoilt for choice. Whatever your needs, from tracking your sweaty workouts to looking elegant in rose gold, there’s bound to be a strap here for you. 

We recommend getting a few, so you can mix and match your Fitbit with any outfit or occassion. Give your FitBit Charge 3 a new lease of life today!

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