15 Beautiful FitBit Versa Straps! Our 2023 Favourites 

by Michal Bauernfreund

If you’ve got a FitBit Versa you’ll know how amazing it is for tracking your every step, and how beautiful the watch face can be too. So that’s why you should add a beautiful strap to it, and make it into your must wear watch for every single occasion.

That said, the FitBit Versa straps you buy depend on how you wear and use it. If you do a lot of sweaty exercise, you will want a strap that is water and sweat proof, and can be cleaned easily. If you wear it for lighter exercise, you can choose a strap that can be wiped down easily, but won’t be ruined by sweat. And if you simply want it to look good on your wrist, consider leather or metal straps for your FitBit Versa.

best fitbit versa straps uk

We love these funky straps from KIMILAR!

There are loads of options available, so we’ve taken a look at some of the coolest, most attractive FitBit Versa straps available.

All of the straps reviewed here are compatible with all FitBit Versa editions, including the FitBit Versa 2 and FitBit Versa Lite.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to give your Fitbit Versa some personality! Check these out:

Sports Straps for FitBit Versa

Keep your wrist cool and comfortable even as you get hot and sweaty with these sports bands.

1. Oielai Classic Sports FitBit Versa Bands

Oielai for Fitbit Versa 2 Strap/Fitbit Versa Strap for Women, Silicone Sport Classic Replacement Straps Compatible with Fitbit Versa Lite/Fitbit Versa 2/Fitbit Versa, Small Black

Get this like-for-like silicone replacement strap for your FitBit Versa in loads of beautiful colours. Whatever your personality, from black to rose red, there’s a coloured strap to suit you.

Made from high quality silicone, this strap is waterproof and suitable for all forms of exercise from a sweaty run or HIIT class, to a fun swim in the pool. It is also easy to clean, wipe it down after your workout to get it looking fresh.

The strap is available in small and large to fit any wrist size, and the buckle will keep it securely in the right place on your wrist.

Pick your colour and express your sport style.

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2. XIMU Sports Strap for FitBit Versa

XIMU Strap Compatible with Fitbit Versa Strap/Versa 2 Strap/Versa Lite Strap, Silicone Adjustable Strap Sports Strap Bracelet Replacement Accessories for Women Men

If you are looking for a more breathable and flexible sports strap, then this is for you. The perforated holes in the strap both keep your wrist ventilated and comfortable as you work out, and look great in contrasting colours with the main strap.

This strap comes out larger than many other straps, and is suitable for a wrist size of up to 8.6 inches. The hook on the buckle will fit into any hole in the centre of the strap so you can adjust it to fit your wrist exactly.

Whether you are a green on black, black and white kind of person, or somewhere in between, these straps have a combination that will make you stand out in the gym.

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3. Ouwegaga Slim Sports Band for FitBit Versa

Ouwegaga Replacement Strap Compatible with Fitbit Versa Strap/Fitbit Versa 2 Strap, Soft Silicone Slim Narrow Band Compatible with Fitbit Versa Lite, Women Men Small Large, Wine Red

This slim FitBit Versa band is perfect if you want little contact between your strap and your skin. The slim band looks good, and also allows you to move your wrist as much as you want when working out. 

The silicone material is strong, lightweight and flexible so you will hardly notice it is on your wrist. The teardrop holes in the strap allow more air to flow onto your wrist. It is also waterproof so sweat as much as you like when wearing it. Once done, just wipe it down to clean it.

This strap comes in two sizes, and fits all sizes from a small through to large. The buckle will keep it securely on your wrist.

All that remains is for you to pick your colour (or should we say colours)?

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Metal Straps for FitBit Versa

Get a versatile metal strap, and wear your FitBit Versa all day long from the gym to the office, and out to a bar.

4. PUGO Metal Straps for FitBit Versa

PUGO TOP Strap Compatible for Versa/Versa 2, Stainless Steel Wristbands Metal Loop Watch Strap Replacement Bracelet for Versa Lite Edition or Versa Special Edition-Black

Smarten up your FitBit Versa with this great looking stainless steel strap. Available in classic black, shiny silver, or pretty rose gold, add this to your tracker and you’ll have a watch that fits in perfectly with your business suit.

This strap fits medium to large size wrists, you can remove links to make it fit as desired. If you need a larger size, contact the seller and they can provide extra links.

The metal strap is washproof, if you get it dirty or sweaty, wash it with a soft brush with dish soap and water, and dry with a cloth.

Get this strap and you’ll be the most stylish FitBit wearer out there!

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5. Alfheim Stainless Steel Metal Strap for FitBit Versa

Alfheim Wrist Strap Compatible with Fitbit Versa / Versa2 / Versa Lite - Fashion Simple Adjustable Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Metal Bands with Safe Buckle for Men Women

These brightly coloured mesh metal straps will make you happy to wear your FitBit Versa all day long from the office to the restaurant. Pick your colour from the range of options including dark blue, vintage gold, rose gold, and more. Or get more than one strap so you can match your straps to your outfits.

This strap is made from ultra thin (0.5mm) stainless steel, and it is rust proof for long term wear. It closes with a clickable buckle which can be moved up and down the strap to fit a medium sized wrist perfectly.

It is waterproof and sweatproof and will stay comfortable as you exercise, although you may want to switch to a different strap to swim.

Get your simple, elegant, stainless steel strap and be ready for any occasion.

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Leather Straps for FitBit Versa

Your FitBit Versa becomes a luxury watch you’ll wear with pride when you put on one of these leather straps.

6. WASPO Genuine Leather Straps for FitBit Versa

No products found.

Turn your FitBit Versa into an elegant watch with these leather straps. Go for classic in black or brown, or add a bit of flair with a plum or rose coloured strap. This watch is comfortable enough that you will barely realise you are wearing it on your wrist as you work, rest, and play all day long.

This strap comes in two sizes – small and large. The premium leather will sit softly and snugly on your wrist. 

This strap is not waterproof, and is not suitable for sweaty workouts. If you get it wet, leave it in a ventilated space to dry, but it is advisable to change it for a different strap if you are exercising.

Get your elegant leather strap now.

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7. SPOBIT Retro Watered Grain Leather Straps for FitBit Versa

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These attractive leather straps will make your FitBit Versa look super chic on your wrist. The unique contrast coloured stitches run horizontally on the entire strap giving them a really different look to your regular leather watch strap.

The one size strap fits a medium to large, with holes and buckle to adjust it to your exact wrist size.

This leather strap is strong, anti-slip, and comfortable for you to wear all day long. Keep it dry and clean, and look after it carefully and it will look after you for a long time.

Catch eyes wherever you go with this strap.

No products found.

8. EDIMENS Slim Leather Straps for FitBit Versa

EDIMENS Genuine Leather Strap Compatible with Fitbit Versa 2 / Fitbit Versa Lite & SE/Fitbit Versa, Slim Thin Replacement Leather Strap for Versa Women Men, Black, Champagne, Rose Gold, Tan

If you want a slim fitting leather strap for your FitBit Versa, look no further. These straps come in loads of different colours and textures, so you are bound to find one (or more) that suits your style. The slimmer style is flexible and comfortable on your wrist, and you will look and feel good on any occasion from work to parties.

This strap is suitable for a small to large wrist, and the stainless steel buckle lets you adjust it to sit perfectly. It is easy to attach or remove from the tracker, so you can choose to wear it every day, or keep it back for special occasions. You may also want to swap it with a different strap when working out.

Give your FitBit Versa a stylish new look now.

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9. Chofit Printed Leather Bands for FitBit Versa

Chofit Straps Compatible with Fitbit Charge 5 Strap, Replacement Soft Silicone Sport Bands Wristband Colorful Arm Band for Charge 5 Activity Tracker

Add a twist to your FitBit Versa with these beautiful floral patterned leather straps. Made from genuine leather, these slim fitting, colourful straps look truly fabulous on your wrist. The slim fit is great for smaller wrists, and it is so flexible and comfortable, you will forget that you are wearing a watch at all!

This strap fits all sizes from small to large and the buckle will let you adjust it to sit perfectly.

Feel feminine and floral with one of these special straps.

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Fabric Straps for FitBit Versa

Get comfort, good looks, and sports practicality with a canvas strap.

10. Ouwegaga Woven Strap for FitBit Versa

Ouwegaga Compatible with Fitbit Versa Strap/Fitbit Versa 2 Strap, Woven Bands Replacement Sport Wristband Compatible with Fitbit Versa/Versa Lite Large, Colourful

Show off with one of these great canvas FitBit Versa straps. With 16 colours and patterns to choose from, you will definitely find one that suits your personality – and why even stop at one? Take your pick from classic black to colourful stripes, fuschia weave, or camouflage, you’ll find a strap for every outfit.

The comfortable woven fabric is easy to clean, and can be worn as an alternative to silicone for working out. It is not waterproof however, so don’t wear it to go swimming! 

The strap comes in two sizes, small and large, and will fit wrists of all sizes.

What are you waiting for, make your FitBit an extension of your personality.

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11. FINTIE Premium Woven FitBit Versa Straps

No products found.

This tough, strong, durable nylon band is perfect for your every adventure. Strap it on your FitBit Versa, and it will stay on your wrist as you hike, run, or jump around. Get it in black, green, or camo green to blend in with your workout outfit (or even your business suit).

The flexible, breathable nylon is sweat and water resistant, sitting comfortably on your wrist as you move. The length of the strap can be adjusted to fit any wrist from small to large, and the buckle will keep it securely in place.

Get your FitBit Versa ready for your next adventure with this sturdy strap.

No products found.

12. KIMILAR Slim Fabric FitBit Versa Straps

KIMILAR Strap compatible with Fitbit Versa/Versa 2 / Versa Lite for Women Men, Metal Beading Square Buckle Slim Breathable Fabric Band Strap for Versa/Versa 2 / Versa Lite/SE, Mae Purple

This canvas strap combines both sportiness and class. The strap comes in a variety of colours including lake blue, silk pink, and mae purple, and the slim design makes it look neat on your wrist.

If you are a fan of slimmer straps on your wrist, then these woven straps are perfect for you. They are comfortable and allow air to circulate keeping your wrist cool and dry, and won’t pinch, rub, or irritate your skin. The narrower strap allows great flexibility and freedom of movement on your wrist.

The strap attaches easily to your FitBit, and there is metal detailing around the strap at the connection to keep the strap from sliding around the face. Added bonus – the detailing looks good too. The buckle fastener allows you to adjust the strap to fit your wrist.

Choose the colour (or colours!) you want, and personalise your FitBit Versa your way!

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Cool, Funky FitBit Versa Straps

Get something a little bit (ok a lot) different with one of these very cool bands.

13. TOPsic Resin FitBit Versa Bands

TOPsic Fitbit Versa 2/Fitbit Versa/Fitbit Versa Lite, 22 mm Silicone Versa Wristbands, Replacement Adjustable Sports Accessory Bracelet for Fitbit Versa/Versa 2/Versa Lite

If you are looking for an entirely different material for your strap, look no further. These smart, attractive straps are made from resin which has been shaped to look like a stainless steel strap – only better. Each link is beautifully polished and pieced together to create a watch strap that is light and practical on your wrist.

This strap is super versatile and water resistant – wear it for exercise, swimming, showering, running errands, or just looking good on your wrist. 

The removal tool lets you take out links and adjust it to fit your wrist. The seller can also provide extra links for extra large wrists.

Show your FitBit Versa off in style – treat yourself to a resin strap now!

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14. Ownaco Slim Metal Strap for FitBit Versa

Ownaco Sport Slim Strap Compatible for Fitbit Versa 2 Straps Women Replacement Wristbands for Versa Lite Special Edition Chic Metal+Leather Design Accessories (Pink Gold for Versa 2)

This elegant band adds a little bit of bling to your FitBit Versa, taking it from a watch to a stunning piece of jewellery. With this band on your FitBit, you have the perfect accessory to track your steps in every outfit from work to a fancy event. 

This watch will fit small to large wrists – remove links to adjust it to your size. It is strong and sweat proof enough to wear on your wrist for your morning run or yoga class.

With six lovely colours to choose from, including rose gold and pink gold, you can’t afford to miss out on this band.

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15. Ownaco Scrunchie Band for FitBit Versa

Ownaco Printed Elastic Fabric Strap Compatible for Fitbit Versa/Versa Lite Women Woven Canvas Cloth Strap Replacement Scrunchies Wristband Accessories for Versa 2 (Large,Black/Red Floral)

Take for your FitBit Versa back in time to the 80s with a scrunchie strap! These fun bands will turn heads wherever you go. The comfortable fabric and stretchable elastic feel just like your old scrunchie used to feel on your wrist, you’ll forget you are even wearing a FitBit.

This strap comes in seven eye catching designs from leopard print to floral, to black polka dots. Get yours now.

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Personalise Your FitBit Versa!

Personalise your FitBit Versa with one (or more) of these straps and transform it from a step tracker/ sports watch into your favourite accessory. The Versa is actually one of our favourite Fitbits to play around with, as the device is powerful enough for the serious athlete but you can also dress it up or down with ease.

Take your pick from these great FitBit Versa straps, and you don’t even need to stop at one! Most are very reasonably priced, so get yourself a few and match your Versa to any outfit or occassion.

Looking for more Fitbit straps? Check out our favourites for the Charge 2 and Charge 3!


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