Best Yoga Gift for Her: Gifts for Yoga Lovers 

by Jess Suess

The perfect gift is often something that someone wouldn’t buy for themselves, but would find incredibly useful and love. So, focussing on the things that people love to do in their lives can be a great place to start.

If your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, friend, or colleague is a yoga lover, we have you covered.

Below you will find a list of the 20 best yoga gifts for women. Some are useful pieces of kit that could transform her practice, while others are frivolous items that she will enjoy.

But don’t underestimate the value of a gift that makes her look and feel good. Yoga is all about self-love and self-care, and looking good can help you feel good.

20 Best Gift for Yoga Lovers

1. Uncooly Yoga Towel

UCOOLY Yoga Towels,Non Slip Mat Towel with Smart Corner Pockets and Elastic Loop,Hot Yoga Towel for Bikram,Pilate,Fitness 24'x72' (Mandala Purple)

The yogi in your life probably already has a yoga mat that they love (but if not check out our recommendations of the best yoga mats), but you could get them a yoga towel.

These are towels perfectly sized for the yoga mat with silicone grips on the bottom so that they stay in place during practice. They absorb sweat making the practice more comfortable and giving your yoga mat a longer lifespan.

Uncooly has some of the best yoga towels on the market with some of the funkiest designs. You are sure to find something that they will love, or shop around for other yoga towel options.

2. Pido Printed Travel Yoga Mat

PIDO Printed Travel Yoga Mat Eco Suede Rubber Light Weight Traveling Yoga Mat Non Slip For Yoga Studio and Home Yoga,Coming with Carrying Bag (Colorful)

While they probably already have a yoga mat for home, they might not have a travel yoga mat. While standard yoga mats roll up pretty small, they still take up a lot of space if you are taking a bus or an airplane.

But this lightweight yoga mat from Pinto folds down into a flat 9-inch by 13-inch square that will easily fit into any suitcase alongside clothes and other fabrics.

The mat comes in two funky chakra designs and is machine washable to refresh the mat when they get back from their journey.

3. ASycorcy Yoga Blocks

No products found.

Yoga blocks are a great way for beginners to approach more challenging poses and for advanced yogis to deepen their poses and challenge themselves. Every yogi wants their own set of funky yoga blocks.

These natural cork yoga blocks from Sycory are stylish, functional, and environmentally friendly.

They’ll love taking them to the studio, but will have to keep an eye on them as everyone will want a set.

4. Leewadee Small Yoga Bolster

Leewadee Yoga Bolster – Shape-Retaining Cervical Neck Roll, Tube Pillow for Comfortable Reading, Made of Kapok, 50 x 15 x 15 cm, Black

When hips are feeling tight or the neck is a little tired, a bolster can be a great yoga prop. Sit on top of the bolster in seated positions to achieve proper alignment of the hips and back, or place it under the neck for additional support.

This option from Leewadee comes in 22 different colour options, so you are sure to find something that will appeal to her palette. It is also made from all organic and natural materials.

5. Mar Ka Professional Yoga Socks

PRO Yoga female Socks. NOT Slides off! SUPER SOFT COTTON. DOUBLE Non-Slip Grip, Fine Edges. BEST Anti Skid Boat Socks in GIFT BOX. Packed without plastic. Pilates socks. Barre., 4-8

If the person you have in mind suffers from chilly feet when practicing yoga, or they are the opposite and get sweaty feet that cause them to slide around the mat, a pair of yoga socks will make a great gift.

These socks from Mar Ka are our top pick yoga socks (read the full guide here), and they are both utilitarian and stylish. They are ballet slipper style available in black and grey and with the silicon grips in a funky mandala design.

Get a two-pack of one size fits all socks that should be appropriate for any woman with UK size 3-8 feet.

6. Cork Yoga Wheel

Cork yoga wheel, natural and comfortable pilates dharma props to improve flexibility, set assembly bag (D)

This stylish yoga wheel made from natural cork and embossed with a mandala pattern is the perfect present for any yoga lover ready to deepen their practice and experiment with props.

The wheel is 33cm in diameter and 13cm wide, which makes it the perfect size for most women to perform advanced back-bending, stretching and balancing exercises.

It also comes with its own storage and carry bag, making it a gift that is both functional and attractive.

7. Kueimovi Yoga Strap

Kueimovi Yoga Strap, Durable 7.8FT Adjustable Extra Long Yoga Belt Strap with 4.9FT Yoga Mat Belt Holder Strap Shoulder Carrier(Yellow Striped)

Working on leg flexibility? A yoga strap is a great way to work your legs when you just can’t quite reach your toes in a certain position and make a great present for any yogi.

This stylish is extra long at 7.8 feet and is perfect for getting into of holding posture. It also doubles up as a strap for your yoga mat.

There are seven great designs to choose from, all made from premium nylon woven fabric with a durable D-ring.

8. Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag

Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag with Large Size Pocket and Zipper Pocket, Fit Most Size Mats (Gray)

Yogis that like to practice in the studio or the great outdoors need a great yoga bag to carry their mat and other essentials. This strap bag is more comfortable to carry than your typical roll bag, and also has lots of extra storage space for your water bottle towel, and more.

Available in five funky colour, the main pocket is open to fit your mat and for easy access, while the front pocket is zip close to protect your more valuable possessions.

9. Yoga-Mad Organic Eye Pillows

Yoga-Mad Eye Pillow | 100% Organic Cotton | Lavender & Linseed FIlled Yoga Pillow | Stress Relief Eye Bag for Aromatherapy, Relaxation and Tired Eyes

When it is time for savasana, not everyone is able to shut out the world for a few minutes and relax. For those who need help blocking out light and stimuli, an eye pillow that covers and puts light pressure on the eyes can really help.

These 100% organic cotton eye pillows from Yoga-Mad are stuffed with lavender and linseed, which are the perfect aroma for relaxation.

There are ten different colours available, so there is something to suit every taste.

10. Yoleo Yoga Headstand Bench

YOLEO Yoga Headstand Bench-Comfortable Yoga Chair-Home Use Inversion Stool-330 lbs Weight Capacity Ideal for Workout &Yoga Practice-Stress Relieve and Body Building-Steel Frame-Black

Headstands are fundamental to yoga, but not everyone is able to do them. It could be that they have not yet mastered the balance, of an injury. There is also much more that you can do than just a basic headstand, if you have the right equipment.

This headstand tool from Yoleo makes a great addition to the collection of any yogi, especially if they aspire to teach. It can be used for supported headstands, advanced balances, and also as just a stool in your home when it’s not in use.

It is one of several great headstand benches that we have recommended in the past.

11. Yogabody Yoga Trapeze

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Has your yoga friend tried aerial yoga yet? They probably either love but lack the equipment, or they have seen it and are desperate to try it.

Give them everything they need to take their yoga off the floor with this complete trapeze swing for aerial yoga.

This one is designed to work everywhere, even on just a door mount frame, so they won’t have any problem getting started (you can see more recommended yoga trapeze here).

12. Stack 52 Yoga Exercise Cards

Stack 52 Yoga Exercise Cards: Designed by Certified Yoga Instructor. Video Instructions Included. Beginner to Advanced Poses and Asana Workout Games. Improve Fitness and Flexibility (Base Deck)

This is the perfect gift for yoga lovers who are developing their independent practice but are still learning all of the moves.

The colour-coded set includes 52 cards, with the colours indicating the primary purpose of the movement, whether it be core building, hip opening, or balances. The card also indicates whether the movement is beginner, intermediate, advanced, or for all levels. Need more help? A QR code of the card takes you to a video demonstration.

More experienced yogis might enjoy this deck too as a fun way of mixing up their routine a bit.

13. 100 Yoga Poses Bucket List Scratch Poster

Gift Republic 100 Yoga Poses Bucket List Scratch Poster, Blue, A2

If your yoga lover is relatively new to the game and is having an amazing time challenging themselves to conquer new poses, they will love this 100 poses bucket list scratch poster.

Including all the essential yoga poses as well as some more challenging ones that most yogis are working towards, you can starch off each move as you master it, earning your pose sticker.

It is a great way for yogis to stay accountable, motivated, and continue evolving as they settle into a regular yoga practice.

14. Aurique Women’s Low Impact Sports Bra

Aurique Women's Low Impact Sports Bra, Black, 8

Everyone likes to look their best when working out. It’s good for motivation and essential to self-care and confidence. So why not get your yogi an awesome sports bra ideal for yoga. For yoga you can usually get away with something low impact, and something colourful is always a great choice.

We love these colourful options with delicate criss-cross back from Aurique, and any of their marble print designs they are sure to like. Or search around for something that you know they will love.

15. Hapywer Yoga Pants

HAPYWER Women's High-Waist Yoga Leggings: Comfortable, Stylish, and Versatile for Any Workout

While most yogis have a cupboard full of leggings, you can’t really have too many. We love these leggings from Hapywer, which come in distinctive designs that will stand out in the studio and on the street.

Shop around for a pattern that they will love, just make sure you choose a pair that promise not to go see-through, and if in doubt, high-waisted is always the best choice.

16. Xpenyo Women’s Long Sleeve Twisted Sweatshirt

Xpenyo Women's Long Sleeve Tops Round Neck Blouse with Twisted Side Knot Loose Fit T Shirts Black UK 6-8

The other thing that all yogis need is something comfortable yet stylish t thrown on over the top of their yoga gear when they go out for a coffee after class.

We think that this twisted sweatshirt from Xpenyo is a great choice. It is made from a cotton-polyester mix that looks effortless and is available in eleven different colours.

17. HoneyHolly Stainless Steel Water Bottle

HoneyHolly Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottle 350ML, Metal Water Bottle, Double Walled Vacuum Insulated, Kids Flask for School, Girls, Boys, Toddler BPA Free Reusable Leak proof for Hot/Cold Water

Anyone who works out should be carrying hydration with them. Anyone would probably love to receive this leak-proof, insulated stainless steel water bottle that can keep drinks hot for around 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

It is a classic coke bottle size and design and is painted with non-slip rubber paint in bright and attractive colours.

It also comes with a nice, branded carry case that protects the bottle and makes it more convenient to carry around or hook onto a bag.

18. Yumomo Indian Tapestry Yoga Towel

YUMOMO Indian Tapestry Yoga Towel, 100%-cotton, Rainbow, 59' (150cm) Long X 30' (75cm) Wide

Does your yoga friend also love the beach? Let them take a little bit of their zen yoga vibes with them with this 100% cotton rainbow yoga beach towel.

It is an extra-large size to give you plenty of room to lounge around, and maybe strike some poses in the mood takes.

It is a multi-layered rainbow design featuring symbols for all the chakras. It will make a striking impression wherever they take it.

19. YogaYoga Ladies College Hoodie

YogaYoga Ladies Girlie College Hoodie Great to Use for Any Sport for Any Athlete - Fashion Dance,Yoga,Zumba,Pilates,Great Birthday Present… (Pink/White, X-Small)

People love wearing their college hoodies as a bit of a homage to something that “made them the person that they are today”. If yoga is one of the things that made you who you are today, who wouldn’t want a yoga college hoodie?

This is what YogaYoga has designed with this quality hoodie available in black, white, pink, or sapphire with the YogaYoga brand printed on the chest.

Made from 80% cotton, show someone that you really understand what makes them tick with this cool addition to their wardrobe.

20. Mayokiaar Yoga Pose Statues

MAYOKIAAR Set of 4 Meditation Yoga Pose Statue, White Home Decorative Ceramic Yoga for Yoga Lovers Women Yogi Freak

Looking for a little something that they can put in their home? Check out this set of your while ceramic decorative statues featuring various yoga and meditative poses.

Each figure is about 14cm tall and they would look striking on a table as a group, or dotted around the house as little pieces to find and enjoy.

The soothing while is definitely attractive, but the artistic type might also decide to paint them.

The Verdict

The best gifts are something that people find useful, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

With this in mind, hopefully, you will find something on our list of yoga gifts that the yogi in your life would love to have, but has never got around to buying for themselves.

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Jess Suess

Jess is the yoga and fitness editor here at The Fit Brit. She is a qualified yoga teacher and semi-professional capoeirista, and currently lives in Brazil.

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