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 September 1, 2022

by Bren

One of my favourite badminton memories as a kid was getting my first badminton bag.

Until then, I’d just been carrying my racket to training in its sleeve.

Finally my Mum agreed to buy me a bag after I made my first rep team.

Mine was a Yonex badminton bag with yellow and green strips, my parents brought it back for me from overseas so nobody else on my team had one like it. I was so excited to head to training the next day! Maybe I’m just nostalgic, but there’s something about walking into the courts with a racket bag over your shoulder that just feels…awesome.

Of course, there are other reasons than just “feeling awesome” to get yourself a good racket bag.

One – it protects your rackets – your frames are kept separately in a different sleeve to your other gear, and it stops your strings from rubbing against miscellaneous rubbish like they do in a backpack.

Badminton rackets are not cheap, so it’s important to take care of them – exactly what a badminton racket bag is designed to do.

Then of course it’s always handy to have separate pockets for your sweaty clothes, snacks, shoes, shuttles and so on. I remember when I got my first badminton bag with a shoe compartment, it was life-changing! It was a Li Ning badminton bag and I loved how I was able to stuff my flip flops away after changing into my court shoes and then keep my sweaty shoes separate from my clothes, phone, food etc on the way home. Game changer.

Thankfully badminton racket bags are not expensive these days and are a small investment for making your life easier and keeping your rackets in good nick.

Below we’ve got a few badminton bags we think are great value for money, and there’s something here for everyone – from complete novices to the competitive player.

badminton racket bag

Racquex 6 racket bag

Raquex Racket Bag - Blue, Black or Pink - for Tennis, Squash & Badminton Racquets. Holds up to 6 Racquets + Accessories + Shoes (Blue)

The Raquex bag is a no-frills but great quality badminton bag for 6 rackets split between two pockets.

It’s a perfect bag for beginner or intermediate players.

It also has a convenient zip side pocket sized for your phone, keys and other trinkets.

There’s also a dedicated shoe compartment which is an essential in my opinion.

You have a soft carry handle, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap.

Raquex is not a well known brand but have a strong history of producing quality racket sports gear out of the UK. This bag comes at a fantastic price point and gives you everything you need in a racket bag without busting your wallet.

Racquex 6 racket bag
370 Reviews
Racquex 6 racket bag

  • UK made
  • Two compartments
  • Polyester material
  • Great price

Guang Yu 6 racket bag

Raquex Racket Bag - Blue, Black or Pink - for Tennis, Squash & Badminton Racquets. Holds up to 6 Racquets + Accessories + Shoes (Blue)

The Guang Yu racket bag is a very simple but high-quality bag which has space for up to six rackets.

It’s made of waterproof polyester, double stitched and a fully lined interior built to last.

It’s got easy adjustable straps, meaning you can hold it like a duffle bag or sling it over your shoulder.

Like all good racket bags, it has side pockets – one larger one that should comfortably hold a tube of shuttles, and a smaller one for your phone and wallet while you’re on the court.

It’s a large bag, so perfect for those of you who play more than one racket sport – it will easily fit your tennis and squash rackets too.

Guang Yu 6 racket bag
370 Reviews
Guang Yu 6 racket bag

  • 800D Oxford Nylon
  • Premium metal zippers
  • 6 racket capacity
  • 2 compartments plus shoe storage

Babolat Essentials racket bag

Babolat Essential 3 Racket Bag

This Babolat badminton bag is a simple yet elegant racket bag, small enough to look stylish but big enough to cover all your needs for a night on the courts.

It’s made in a beautiful blue/orange stripe design, and is large enough to hold 3 rackets.

It’s lined with 100% recycled PET and is dye free, with Babolat specifically saying they’ve done everything they can to make it great for players and the environment.

Babolat hasn’t been as big on the badminton scene recently, but their reputation for making great high-quality gear still stands. It’s not as big as the other bags so may suit beginners or very social players more, but in terms of how it looks it’s my favourite on the list!

Babolat Essentials racket bag
51 Reviews
Babolat Essentials racket bag

  • 100% recycled PET
  • 3 racket capacity
  • Side pockets
  • Single compartment

HEAD Core Combi Racket bag

HEAD Core 6R Combi Sac de Raquette de T Mixte Gris/Jaune Fluo Taille Unique

HEAD is predominantly a tennis brand, but the great thing about tennis bags is they’re almost always transferrable to badminton. The rackets are lighter and smaller, require less space and padding and the rest of the gear (shoes, clothing) is very similar.

The HEAD Unisex Core Combi bag is a one-size bag that’s perfect for badminton players of any level.

It has two main compartments which can fit up to 6 rackets, plus an outside pocket for accessories and a zipped pocket for shuttles or shoes.

It also doubles as a badminton backpack as it comes with 2 shoulder straps on the bottom which allow it to be carried as a backpack, or two simple straps on top which allow you to carry it like a duffle.

Of course it also has the big strap that extends across the bag so you can simply sling it over you shoulder.

The material is polyester and very sturdy, and the lightness of the bag will surprise you considering how large it is.

HEAD Core Combi Racket bag
162 Reviews
HEAD Core Combi Racket bag

  • 2 compartments
  • 6 racket capacity
  • Adjustable straps
  • Backpack straps

Wilson Advantage 3 Racket Bag

Wilson Advantage III Triple Racket Bag - Black

This is a smaller bag and great for those who ride to training on a bicycle or motorcycle, or just someone who doesn’t want one of the larger sized six racket bags.

This bag is sized for two tennis rackets, but we’ve found it easily fits 3 squash or badminton rackets.

It’s a one pocket bag so definitely not good for competitive players who may need enough gear for full-day tournaments, but great for the social player who pops down to the courts after work or on a lunch break.

Wilson isn’t big in the badminton scene, but they do make some good quality gear and their rackets bags are no exception.

Wilson Advantage 3 Racket Bag
1,356 Reviews
Wilson Advantage 3 Racket Bag

  • Unisex
  • Single compartment
  • Polyester made
  • Lightweight and slim sized

Yonex Blue

YONEX 42126 Team 6 Racket Bag, Color- Blue

Yonex is the gold standard in badminton and Yonex badminton bags are no exception.

This Yonex Team bag is a 6-racket bag made from top-quality polyester with both a shoe compartment and side pocket.

While Yonex is always pricier than other options, its products are always made to last.

This is a standard sized bag, perfect for players of any level.

Comes with standard straps, waterproof material and quality zippers.

After sponsoring so many of the greatest badminton champions over the years and still today, is it any surprise they make great bags?

7 Reviews

  • Yonex TEAM Series
  • Double pocket
  • Adjustable straps
  • Badminton specific design
  • 6 racket capacity

A good badminton racket bag is essential to every player, whether you’re a social player or on the pro circuit.

Our picks above are all easily purchasable on Amazon and will arrive within a few days, while also only costing you around twenty or thirty quid.

Not only are they great for protecting your rackets, but keeping you looking like a pro as you walk into the courts!

See you out there!

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