Best Keto Snacks UK 2023 Edition – Our 26 Favourites! 

by Lucas Bertie

Looking for the best keto snacks to smash those cravings?

We get you. Especially during your transition to keto, it can feel like you're craving every worst food imaginable! Luckily as keto has grown in popularity, so have our snack food (aka junk food!) choices. Plus many keto snacks are actually good for you too.

Many of us follow a low carb diet and are always reviewing low carb and keto snacks and drinks. What do we look for in our snacks?

  • Under 5g net carbs per serve.
  • Keto friendly sweeteners only - no maltitol or sugars.
  • Small servings sizes.
  • Reputable brands.
  • Ideally enriched with nutrients.
  • Highest quality fats.
  • As healthy as possible!

Ready to get eating? Here's our current best of the best list (we update this regularly!):


Krunchy Keto BarS

GOOD GOOD Krunchy Keto Bar Salty Caramel - Low Carb Protein Bar - No Added Sugar Snack Bar - High Fibre - Suitable for Diabetics & Sugar Intolerant Individuals (15x35g)

One of the top rated keto bars on Amazon, these salted caramel crunch bars are high in fibre to keep you sated and sweetened with erythritol to keep your blood sugar low and hold you in ketosis. 2.5g net carbs per bar.

  • 2.5g net carbs per bar.
  • No sugar added but contains all-natural sweeteners. Fits in your keto diet and does not contain any artificial sweeteners.
  • Keto friendly - high fibre and low carbohydrate ingredients.
  • GMO free

Adonis Keto BarS

Adonis Mixed Box With 5 Flavours | High Protein & Nut Keto Bars (20 Bars) | Vegan/Keto-Friendly | Natural Keto Snacks | Sugar Free, Palm Oil Free | Low Sugar & Low Carb | Ideal for a Keto Diet

These Adonis bars are made primarily from nuts with three delicious flavours - Pecan Cocoa & Goji Berry, Brazil Nuts Turmeric & Orange, Coconut Vanilla & Acai.

Only 3g net carbs per bar. Gluten free, paleo, vegan and keto friendly. And delicious!

  • Composition of fat, protein and carbohydrate content in the Adonis Bars comes very close to the perfect keto macro.
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: 48% high-quality nuts, which are inherently rich in healthy fats and protein.
  • 100% vegan, paleo and keto friendl
  • Only 3g net carbs per bar!

Nicks Peanuts n Fudge Milk Chocolate BarS

Nicks Peanuts n Fudge Keto Chocolate Bars No Added Sugar 175 Calories, 3.9 Net Carbs, Gluten Free Sweets Low carb Candy Snack Bar (Multipack 15x40g)

If you've been craving FUDGE then grab yourself a box of these. Nick's Peanut & Fudge bars are wildly popular and at around £1 each they're darn good value too. Zero added sugar and 4.6g net carbs per bar keeps you well within your daily carb limit. Also comes in Toffee and Coconut flavours.

  • Delicious milk chocolate free from added sugar on a nougat base layer, with tender caramel and freshly roasted peanuts of best quality.
  • 4.6 g Net Carbs per bar, ideal for your Keto diet
  • Gluten and wheat free to stop blood sugar spikes
  • No added sugar - sweetness comes from sweet fibers, birch sugar (xylitol), erytritol (in plums and pears) and stevia.

Pulsin Keto Bar in Choc Fudge and Peanut (PLANT-BASED VEGAN PROTEIN)

Pulsin - Plant Based Keto Protein Bars - Low Carb - 50g x18-12.6g Protein, 9.3g Fibre, 8.6g Carbs - Gluten, Palm Oil & Dairy Free Snack Bar - Choc Fudge

Only 4g net carbs per bar and sweetened with Xylitol, these are another peanut butter fudge bar to keep your radar. Luckily they're cheap enough that you don't have to choose, you can buy a box of each! Also vegan friendly for those following a plant based keto diet.

  • Only 4g of net carbs per bar.
  • Vegan friendly with only plant-based protein and all-natural ingredients
  • Just 1.9g of sugar per bar.
  • Contains MCT oil to bring you faster into into ketosis.
  • Dairy Free and gluten free.

Suzero - Cherry & Coconut Healthy Snack Bars

Suzero - Cherry & Coconut Healthy Snack Bars, 100% Natural, Vegan & Gluten Free, Keto and Paleo Snack, 16 x 35g Low Sugar Bars

At 4.4g net carbs per bar these will be a favourite for those wanting something a little tartier as well as vegan friendly. Comes in three delicious flavours - Apple Cinnamon, Cherry Coconut and Maple Pecan. 35g bars makes for the perfect snack any time you're craving sweetness during the day!

  • Less than 2g of sugar per bar and accredited by SugarWise.
  • Gluten free, dairy free and vegan.
  • 100% organic!
  • 4.4g net carbs per bar.

Beauty Bites Triple Chocolate Collagen Protein & Keto Bar

Beauty Bites Triple Chocolate Collagen Protein & Keto Bar 7x32g | 3800mg Grass-Fed Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides | Low in Sugar, Carbs & Calories | High Fibre, Live Culture Probiotics, Vitamin C & E

If you're a chocolate lover you are going to love these triple chocolate chip bars by Beauty Bites. Keto friendly sweetened with erythritol and only 2.8g of sugar. Also packed with collagen peptides, probiotics and Vitamin C for a super well rounded nutrition hit. The best way to indulge without the guilt, and each bar is an easy 32g. 

  • Collagen, probiotics and Vitamins C and E.
  • 2.8g of sugar
  • 6 great flavours!


Boostballs Keto Snacks

Boostballs Keto Snacks 12 Pack, Low Carb, Vegan Snack, Low Sugar, Gluten Free, 100% Natural - Raw Chocolate Brownie Flavour, Pack of 12 x 40g

These keto brownie balls by Boost Ball are the perfect snack for keeping in a gym bag or in your drawer at work. And they're delicious. Give them a try and you'll be surprised how much they taste like real chocolate brownie. 4.2g net carbs per ball makes them a guilt-free treat.

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Only 0.35g of natural sugar in each ball
  • Gluten free, dairy free, vegan and contain no palm oil.
  • High in fibre!
  • Only 4.2g net carbs per ball!
  • Proudly biodegradable packaging to help support the war on plastic!

Macadamia & Coconut Keto Granola

Maria Lucia's Gluten Free Low Carb Macadamia & Coconut KETO Granola 1Kg - No Added Sugar or Sweetener - Ideal for Diabetics - Natural Breakfast Cereal

You will never go back to regular granola again. Made almost entirely of nutrient packed foods like seeds, nuts, coconut and healthy fats, without all the usual wheat, rice and grains found in most granolas and cereals. We love it with a little heavy cream, some almond milk and some berries. A breakfast so good we sometimes eat it for lunch too!

  • Macadamia & Coconut Granola
  • Add to berries and Greek yoghurt for a tasty breakfast or just add a nut milk or heavy cream to keep it low carb.
  • Maria Lucia's Homemade Granola is packed full of flavour with coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, coconut oil, vanilla essence and cinnamon,
  • Gently baked in small batches.
  • Made without sugar or sweeteners
  • Flavoured from cinnamon, coconut and macadamia. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • Low carb and certified gluten free
  • Only 3g of carbohydrates per portion ideal for those on Keto, banting or LCHF diet.

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Spread

Grenade White Chocolate Cookie Protein Spread, 1 x 360 g Jar

An indulgent white chocolate flavoured spread made with whey protein and filled with crunchy cookie pieces, this is peanut butter mixed with cookies and cream ice cream on steroids. Throw away your Nutella and even your peanut butter because once you start eating Grenade nothing will quite be the same.

Note: This does contain a high level of maltitol - a sugar alcohol that can spike blood sugar in some people. If you're unsure, keep servings small. Good for dirty keto'ers.

  • White chocolate spread with cookie pieces!
  • Perfect alternative for sugary spreads like Nutella
  • Only 2g of sugar per serving.
  • 20% protein
  • Gluten free
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Ember Snacks Biltong Garlic and Rosemary Flavour

Ember Snacks: Biltong Beef Jerky Original Flavour (10 x 28g) - Protein Keto Snacks - On The Go Snack - from British and Irish Meat

Biltong is a cured and dried South African style beef jerky and is one of the best keto snacks you can eat. High in protein and fats, with almost zero sugar (depending on seasoning). This particular British brand is less than 1% sugar making it the ideal high protein keto snack. Eat any time of day, great to keep in the car for those long commutes!

  • Made using only the finest British and Irish beef.
  • Ethically sourced from traditional farms.
  • Naturally high in protein, gluten free, low calorie and low carb.
  • Inspired by South African food traditional biltong.
  • Air-dried slowly, lightly seasoned and thinly sliced.

SERIOUS PIG Crunchy Snacking Cheese BITES

SERIOUS PIG - Crunchy Snacking Cheese Snacks, Keto Friendly, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Pub Snacks, Made from 100% Real Italian Cheese (Classic) (12 x 24g)

If you're a cheese lover you're in heaven with a bag of these Serious Pig cheese balls. Made from real Italian cheese, they're the keto version of popcorn and insanely delicious. ZERO carb means it's 100% guilt free. Also comes in Rosemary and Truffle flavours. Dig in!

  • A seriously crunchy cheese snack that’s off the chart tasty.
  • Made from Italian hard cheese. Seriously that's it.
  • ZERO carb and high in protein
  • 3 flavours
  • Gluten free, lactose free, keto friendly.

BEEFIT Biltong

BEEFit Biltong Beef Jerky | BBQ | 10x30g | High Protein | Gluten Free | Keto Friendly

This award winning biltong from Beefit is exactly the kind of snack that gets keto fiends salivating. Less than half a gram of sugar per pack, and made from top quality local beef. Keep a few packets in your gym bag or under your desk at work. You can't go wrong with biltong!

  • Over 20g of Protein in every pack!
  • Using the finest British and Irish Silverside beef
  • Fully traceable sourcing
  • Ultra low carb, low calorie, Gluten free healthy snack.
  • Naturally very low sugar, only 0.3g per pack!

Cheesies Crunchy Popped Cheese Snack

CHEESIES | Crunchy Cheese Keto Snack | Cheddar | 100% Cheese | Sugar Free, Gluten Free, No Carb | High Protein and Vegetarian | Crunchy, Baked and Tasty | Multipack | 12 x 20g Bags

Cheese snacks are all the rage in the keto world these days, mostly because they are literally zero carb and high in fats and protein making them fit the keto macros almost perfectly. These Cheesies are nothing more than popped cheese and are delicious! They also come in 4 different flavours - Gouda, Cheddar, Emmental and Goat's Cheese.

  • Made from real cheese!
  • Carb free!
  • High protein snack, varying from 7-9g per 20g serving (depending on the different cheese).
  • Gluten free and vegetarian friendly
  • Only one ingredient - real cheese. Cheese contains milk solids, but is free from other allergens.


THE CURATORS High Protein Pork Puffs, Original Salted, 22g (12 Packs) 16g Protein Crisp Low Carb Keto Gluten Free Savoury Snack

Pork rinds are one of the most popular keto snacks, in fact many people refer to them as "keto chips" because they go down that easy bag after bag, and are a staple for keto devotees in front of the tele. These pork rinds by The Curators are crispy and delicious, just the way you want them. Grab a few bags because the first one will go quick - I promise.

  • Up to 70% protein per pack!
  • Made in Britain
  • hot flashed pork rinds for a light and crunchy texture
  • Hand cooked and finished with delicious seasonings for a tasty pork crunch
  • KETO AND FODMAP FRIENDLY - Up to 70% protein and low carbohydrate snack.

Gruntled Premium Pork Crackling 

Gruntled Premium Pork Crackling English Mustard, 20 x 35g Box

Another quality pork crackling product, these ones are just as good but also come in a variety of flavours! You have Sea Salt, Salt and Vinegar, English Mustard, Cornish Sea Salt, all of which are amazing. They also come in bulk with boxes of 12 bags to keep you set for the month (or the week...or day...). Zero carbs so get into it - they're as keto friendly as you can get.

  • Hand fried pork cracklings and scratchings in a variety of three mouthwatering flavours
  • Clean ingredients and trusted local sourcing.
  • Guilt-free for anyone following a ketogenic, low carb, or Paleo diet with over 18 grams of protein and less than 0.25 grams of carbohydrates per serving.
  • Young British company making great products!

OLLY'S Olives: Variety Pack Green Olives

Olly's Olives, Mixed Pack, 50g (Pack of 12), 100% Natural Ingredients, Handy Snack Pouches, Healthy Vegan Snacks, Low Calorie, Source of Fibre, No Preservatives, Gluten Free

Did you know olives are one of the healthiest keto snacks there are? Packed with good fats and low in carbs, olives were the food of kings back in ancient times. They still are nowadays, only people usually prefer to dunk them in cocktails or smush them into their sandwiches. Doesn't matter, they're delicious any which way, and these snack packs by Olly's Olives are no different. Grab a box and keep a few bags at work and at home for those times you're craving a savoury treat. Three awesome flavours! Chilli & Rosemary, Garlic & Basil and Lemon & Thyme. Better yet, buy the mixed box so you can indulge in all three.

  • The finest Greek Halkidiki Olives dressed in mouthwatering marinades.
  • Only 75 Calories per pouch! Also keto friendly and a low carb source of daily fibre and healthy fats.
  • Award winning olives and perfectly pitted -No stones, no messy oils and no groans inside our pouches.
  • Plant-based, dairy free and gluten free. Vegan friendly.
  • No artificial preservatives whatsoever.
  • All 3 of our mouthwatering marinades in one delicious combo pack.

OLLY'S Nuts: Chilli & Lime Mixed Nuts

Olly's Nuts, Chilli & Lime, 1 kg (Pack of 1), Handy Bulk Bag, Seasoned Mixed Almonds & Peanuts, Healthy Plant-Based Vegan Snacks, High in Protein & Fibre, No Preservatives

Nuts are a staple in any keto diet, due to their high fat content and nutrient density. Whether it's baking with almond flour or smothering hazelnut butter over your keto bread, we can't live keto without nuts!

These 1kg bags by Olly's are amazing and give you a good mix of cashews, peanuts and almonds, all finely roasted and then flavoured with their award winning seasonings. Chili & Lime, Salted, Smokey or Sweety & Spicy - they're all great. Grab the multi-pack as they go quick.

  • Award winning nuts for their unique taste and quality.
  • 21g of protein per 100g and rich in healthy fats, and low in carbs
  • Plant-based, dairy free and gluten free.
  • Contains no artificial preservatives and no nasties whatsoever.
  • A unique recipe with fiery chilli combined with a sweet zest of lime.
  • Found in some of the best hotels and bars across the UK!

Fatt (Fattbar) Keto Butter Cookies

Fatt Keto Cookies - Almond & Vanilla - 5 x 30g - 1.5g Carbs - 100% Natural Snacks - Low Carb, Low Sugar, High Prebiotic Fibre & Sweetener Free - FattBar

If you've been on keto for a while you've probably seen these recommended in a few places. If we're being honest, we haven't quite found the perfect keto cookie that surpasses the old chewy, sweet Grandma Higgins style cookies that we love so much ( which are also packed with gluten and sugar! Ahh!). But these are a pretty good alternative that should satisfy your cookie cravings.

If you're like us and don't have the time or patience (or skill) to bake, and prefer to buy your keto cookies ready-made, give these a shot. They're pretty good.

  • Perfect keto macros! 1.2g sugar, 14.8g fat, 4.1g protein.
  • Almond flour based
  • Two great flavours

Profusion Organic Protein Bread

Profusion Organic Protein Bread 250g, Pack of 9 - Rye and Flax Seed - Wholegrain, Source of Fibre and Alternative to Wheat Bread - Low Carb Bread - Vegan, Plant-Based Protein

Good keto bread is hard to find and most people resort to baking their own. However if you are looking to buy keto bread, usually look for rye flour and seed bread, as those tend to have far less carbs than traditional bread.

This protein bread from Profusion is a good example, with only 3g net carbs per 100g, and 20g of protein, it's the perfect keto snack. It also toasts reasonably well - top it with some grass fed butter and an egg and it's a keto breakfast from heaven. Easy to order online too for delivery straight to your door!

  • Organic Protein Bread - 20% protein!
  • High in protein and fibre
  • Low carb - only 3g net carbs per 100g!
  • Wholegrain and made from organic ingredients


Fat Fuel Instant Keto Coffee

Fat Fuel Instant Keto Coffee Sample Pack (6 Packets) – a Complete Keto-Friendly Meal Replacement with MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, and Grass Fed Butter – Low Carb, Gluten-Free, and Organic

Fat Fuel Coffee is an instant coffee drink perfect for those on the run.

Normal coffee is only keto friendly if you cut the sugar completely, even some milks are sweetened and high in carbs (lactose sugars). With Fat Fuel Keto Coffee you can literally drink as many cups as you want, with 1 net carb per cup, not only is it keto friendly, it's keto optimal! MCT oils to keep you in ketosis and your macros in check. We can almost guarantee you won't go back to normal coffee ever again.

  • Grass fed butter
  • MCTs
  • Redmond red salt
  • 1 net carb
  • Instant - no need to brew or filter
  • Organic


Effective Low Carb Sugar Free Keto Slimming Instant Coffee with Pure MCT, Collagen, Erythritol - Keto Coffee Sachets Ideal for Low Carb, Ketogenic Diet, Keto Snacks and Balanced Weight Loss

We're in love with this product and it's a staple in my backpack any time I travel or will be away from my desk or office. After trying these, it is just impossible to look at those sad instant coffee packets in hotels and waiting rooms anymore.

What's inside? Arabica coffee, MCT oils, collagen protein, coconut oil, butter oil and erythritol. Six keto essential ingredients in one easy to rip pack, and around 2g net carbs per drink! You literally just rip it open and add hot water. If you want a quick and easy keto/bulletproof coffee, can't go wrong with this one. Saves time, saves money. Keeps you in keto. Delicious. We love it!

  • Low carb and organic keto coffee.
  • Combined with premium MCTs and collagen.
  • SAVE TIME and MONEY. No need to brew and blend. Just add boiling water.
  • Sweetened with erythritol to keep your blood sugar down for a great tasting low carb coffee.
  • No added sugar, no fillers, all quality ingredients.
  • Satsifaction guarantee!

KETO drinks

Flawsome! Lightly Sparkling Juice Drink

Flawsome! Drinks - Lightly Sparkling Juice – No Added Sugar 100% Pressed Fruit Juice Water - Fizzy Fruit Drink - Low Calorie Healthy Soda Alternative (Apple & Rhubarb 8x250ml)

Flawsome is a pretty cool new brand of drinks that is doing things a little differently. Using "ugly" fruit from farmers that can't be sold in stores, they smash it down into perfectly crafted cold pressed juice. No added sugar and a cool 5.5g of carbs per can, you can have one daily and stay in keto without a problem. Combating food waste and a delicious keto friendly drink? What's not to love? Comes in three flavours - Apple Rhubarb, Apple Sour Cherry and Sweet & Sour Apple.

  • Imperfect fruit transformed into a perfectly crafted fizzy fruit water.
  • Made only from surplus and wonky fruit, there is no added sugar or sweeteners.
  • Keto friendly! 5.5g carbs per can.
  • Supporting farmers by paying fairly for their product, saving the rejected, helping the planet and reducing food waste.

Green Lemonade Cans

Green Lemonade Cans 24 Pack, No Aspartame, No Added Sugar Soft Drink, Low Calorie, Sparkling Natural Lemon Flavour - Bulk Pack of 24 Cans x 330 ml

You heard of Green Lemonade yet? Less than 1g of carbs per can, you can literally drink a full box and your keto fat burning rhythm won't move an inch! These drinks are close to zero calorie but still have that delicious fizzy lemonade taste. Sweetened with stevia and flavoured with real lemons, this one is a staple in my pantry. While it's vegan friendly, I think it goes best with a freshly grilled steak and onions! Also comes in Green Orangeade and Green Cola.

  • Only 3 calories per 100 ml.
  • No sugar.
  • Natural juice and sweetener from the stevia plant.
  • No aspartame and no phosphoric acid
  • Traditional lemonade taste that you'll love.
  • 100% keto friendly.

Sparkling Ice Orange Mango Flavour Sparkling Water

Sparkling Ice, Orange Mango Flavored Sparkling Water - Contains Vitamins- Only 12 calories- No Added Sugar - No Carbs (12 x 500ml Bottles)

Sparkling ice is a keto friendly, flavoured sparkling water which is way more tasty that your standard water bottle and safe to drink daily on keto. With zero sugar and practically calorie free, it's the perfect day bottle, and even works well with a splash of vodka at night (shhhh). The thing we love most is the vast variety of flavours they have - Cloudy Lemon, Black Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry Kiwi and Strawberry Watermelon. We haven't had a chance to try them all but Orange Mango and Grapefruit are both delish, that's for sure!

  • Bursting with real fruit flavour!
  • No Sugar!
  • Each bottle has Antioxidants and Vitamins
  • Only 12 calories per 500ml bottle

Benefit Flavoured Sparkling Water

Benefit Flavoured Sparkling Water - 12 x 250ml Fibre Apple Energy Drink - Zero Sugar and Calorie Free Carbonated Water- Natural Infused Seltzer Fizzy Drinks Cans

Ever see those Vitamin Waters in the supermarket and sigh because they're loaded with sugar? Benefit Water is what you're looking for. Flavoured water that is ZERO carbs and loaded with vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, most B vitamins, Vitamins A and E, niacin, biotin, plus a host of others.

We love that it's keto but we love even more that it's actually good for you. Not only can you drink it guilt-free, you can drink it and feel GOOD that you're adding to your nutrient intake - that's staying hydrated in the best way possible. Three great flavours - Mango Coconut, Sparkling Apple and Lemon Elderflower. Grab the variety box!

  • PACKED with vitamins and minerals!
  • Variety of nutrients in each flavour (try them all!)
  • Mango flavour contains Magnesium and Vitamins B3, B6, B9, B5, magnesium, vitamin B and vitamin C.
  • Elderflower flavour contains Vitamin A, Niacin Biotin, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, Pantothenic acid, Folic Acid anhydrous, Vitamin C.
  • 15% of your daily recommended intake of fibre!

What are your favourite keto snacks you've found in the UK? Let us know in the comments and we'll review them!

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